Monday, September 13, 2010


The Friday that just passed was the opening of this years ARTCITY Festival! And what a great time it was! I did this years gigantic POSTER, POSTCARD, FFWD ad, and LOGO REDESIGN! What a busy project! the theme of this years festival is Boom or Bust! and I think you should go check it out, there are instillations, videos, and much much more. I also created a window piece that shows the process that I went thorough to design this years materials. My piece is located in the Encorp Display windows across from the Glenbow Museum!

For more festival information please visit ARTCITY!

Here is a glimpse of the poster in its natural habitat.

Friday, July 16, 2010

new M.I.A.!

New M.I.A. cd out now. I bought the single Born Free earlier this summer and love it. Now to familiarize myself with the new album in its entirety.

These gifs from her myspace page caught my eye awhile ago. They are so low budget and 3D I love them. Hmmm if they aren't moving I don't know why. The new album /\/\ /\ Y /\ comes with these images plus extra content... basically a lot of moving graphics.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Poster! Pineapple!

Hello all I have been slack-a-lackin on the blog posts. But here is a little report as to how things are going. I am doing freelance work right now for the Calgary Art, Design and Architecture Festival ArtCity. Its going really well we have already chosen a logo and I am busy working of the promotional material now.

Oh and I forgot to post this earlier friend Greg Doble does an awesome webcomic based on friends status updates. And he did one of mine!

Thanks Greg, this make gluttony look so exciting!

See more of Greg's comics!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


This is the final poster that I designed for Calgary Pride 2010.
A special thanks to Ellen Lagore for her photo help!
I think its pretty!

Here is some process

Sunday, April 25, 2010

a lot of hair

For one night only some acad VC grads took the stage for a little
karaoke magic. It looked and sounded an awful lot like this but
with less pink eye shadow.
I couldn't help but feel the girl who was preforming a spice girls
track alone was out of line, its all about team work.

in other news my brother found out the number one song on
my date of birth is:

Find out yours HERE!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Schools out! Summer Projects begin!

Hello All!

So with all the school projects all said and done I will have some extra time for some new projects!

Currently on the Chopping Block:

a volunteer poster for the Calgary Pride 2010! A friend asked if I would be interested in making a poster for pride and I jumped at the opportunity! Meeting this weekend to throw around some ideas. So far I am thinking cut paper. Suggestion by friend includes unicorn.

Fine art friend Anna Archy needs wordmark.

Self Branding: website update coming quick fast! Like lightning, actually.

Cracking open the Amy Sedaris cookbook and making some good old fashioned cupcakes!

I leave you now with a page from the sketchbook as well as the front and back of Stephanie's business card that I designed. Stephanie is an amazing documentary photographer that I have already blogged about like three times! But here is the finished business card. we also made postcards, coming soon images of those.
Stephanie loves the stamp and has been finding more exciting and less conventional methods of use, like stamping her husband Matt, right on Stephanie!

a side note I wish there was a way to cap the number of exclamation points per post... Whenever I read back through these before I post them I consider the zealousness of these exclamation points and think "Really, is this too much?!!"

Friday, April 23, 2010

Website progress report and books in their natural habitat.

Redo of website begins now!

Here are a series of photos from the library... just for fun.